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Founded in in Japan, Takamine has become one of the most well-known acoustic guitars all across the world. Over the years their guitars have been played by the likes of Garth Brooks, Tommy Emmanuel and Bruno Mars among many others.

takamine f series

Ever time I walk into a guitar store I know without a doubt that there will be Takamine guitars hanging on the wall for me to play. And I love to play them well, I love to play pretty much any guitar. Takamine produces many lines of acoustic guitars, but by far one of the most popular lines is the Takamine G Series.

All of those numbers seems confusing at first but they all have significant meaning. What are your options? These guitars have a solid spruce top, which is both common and exactly what you want, along with laminate mahogany back and sides. You may not be able to hear it at first, but the difference between solid and laminate guitar top is huge.

The next step down from the G30 Series is the G20 Series who would have guessed!? The only difference is the shape of the body — everything else is the same, including the price of the guitar. Last, but not least, is the Takamine G10 series. The reason the G10 series is much more affordable is because instead of having a solid top, it has a laminate spruce top.

takamine f series

Just ask one! The best Takamine G Series reviews come from those who have owned them for years.

takamine f series

They stand up well under heavy use and last forever. And to top it off, they have an option for pretty much any and every style that you might want. You need electronics? They have one. Prefer a cutaway? No problem. Fancy a sunburst color?

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They do that too. Takamine does wonders with their bodies and necks. Their hardware leaves much to be desired.

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For a beginners guitar, look at Yamaha, Fender, Epiphones and Ovations. Epi, Yamaha and Fender have better support than Takamine also. Hi Kevin.Reverb Articles.

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But when Takamine introduced its revolutionary under-saddle Palathetic pickup in the late s, it was a game changer. Musicians no less than Bruce Springsteen took Takamine acoustic-electric guitars to the stage. Though the name Takamine is now synonymous with guitar technology, the company is rooted in traditional luthierie.

Meanwhile, 6, miles away, in the foothills of the Japanese Alps, a quintet of luthiers in a small shop were building nylon-string acoustic guitars for the burgeoning folk scene in that country. The shop, Ohzone Musical Instruments, was founded in the town of Sakashita and overseen by a man named Ohzone. He had previously worked in a Nagoya-region instrument factory, but when it was decimated by a typhoon, he ran to the hills to do his own thing.

Then, inthings really took off when the company recruited Mass Hirade as its head of production and design. It was rare and beneficial to have such a good combination of art and commerce in a leader. Takamine Guitars and the Palathetic Pickup. Takamine EF Oops, looks like you forgot something. Please check the fields highlighted in red.I'm trying to find out what model Takamine guitar I have. It is acoustic with sunburst black and a serial number of I'm trying to find out model info.

If I'm reading it correctly September. Now is it the produced that month Or maybeSeptember 14th was the 37th produced the day? What model would be wonderful, any help would be appreciated Graci, Cricket.

I have a Takamine F which I bought back in the 70's. It's been well taken care of. I checked my serial number and it only had 7 numbers in it. Following what was said it starts 79 which I would take is in May.

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Last 3 numbers is However, I thought I bought it earlier than Just curious why some Takamine's only have 7 numbers. My name is Ray and I was hoping somebody can help me figure out when my guitar was made. The model is a G and the serial number says I triple checked the serial number and what I have listed is correct Any help would be appreciated greatly.

Thank You In Adv. Yours is a made on Oct 07 and it was the 15th guitar produced that day. Hi it's a red accoustic Takamine with a single cut away I found the serial number glued underneath the neck inside the sound hole, seria number can you tell it's year and what model, and approx price rage.

Thankx Bernie. Your Guitar is a manufactured on August 19 and was the 91st unit produced that day that is how you read the serial. I have a Takamine Jasmine S SE serial please give me information about it if its out there!

The Takamine guitar that I have has six digit serial number Can anyone tell me what the serial number reveals about the guitar. Takimine Jumbo egsc is the model. Thanks for any assistance. I have a takamine f that I need help with the serial number that is inked onto the headstock inside the soundhole. While most takamine guitars have 8 numbers in their serial number mine only is inked It does have a paper label in the sound hole much like a dollar bill that designates it as an f I got the guitar in the early 70s an I am wondering why it only has 4 numbers in its serial number.

I have never really cared what it was worth because she is my baby! However, in looking at the "logic" behind the serial numbers, I find that mine is a bit strange. Any idea when it was made? I bought this guitar from a friend back in aug I have Model F and SN is The only negative is that it is not a loud acoustic. The model number is FP LH and the serial number is which I understand it was made in the fourth month of I would like to know any history on it or at least the retail value of it was new, or what it is worth today.

I bought it used at a pawn shop in Reno and it is like new. I have a Jasmine by Takamine guitar and it's kind of different considering that the serial number is 6 digits instead of 8.I have recently purchased an old Takamine F guitar.

Dating Your Takamine

The seller said that the top, sides, and back were made of solid mahogany. Does anyone know if that is correct or is the top only solid? I bought one at a swap meet about 6 months ago.

It needed new strings and a brace re-glued. I put a similar notice to yours on before and so far there has been no follow-up. I'm curious about the lawsuit model. What was that about? I would be doubtful that a takamine would be all solid wood constructed, but I'm no authority. If you will look at the edges of the wood around the soundhole, you will be able to see if the grain runs all the way through the thickness of the wood or whether the top is a laminate.

It's quite likely a solid top. To check up on the back and sides is more difficult. You'll have to study the grain of each piece from the inside of the guitar, to find unusual grain patterns and markings. If they match what is on the outside of the guitar then you've got solid woods. But remember that the outside of the guitar is stained and finished, so don't expect to see exactly the same thing.

I'm curious about the "lawsuit model" that you mentioned. Sincerely, Silky John. All the old takamines with the simple martin like headstock and martin style headstock text and logo were designed to appear martin like and the copy was so similar and the intent to compete directly with Martin Model by model so obvious that Martin sued takamine for infringement of protected design and unfair competition.

Martin won and takamine changed its headstock design and its logotype style to an origional style. The lawsuit was launched by Martin against Takamine because they were copying a little too closely the Martin D models D it would seem. Actually, there was NO lawsuit by Martin or even a threat of one The was built but not shipped to a dealer until early when I got it. Perhaps it had to sit around while the lawsuit got sorted out? From what I understand, Takamine was served an injunction to cease making such close copies of the D This is probably why they changed the headstock design.

I have examined a D identical to a and found that the bracing underneath the top is identical.

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I'm guessing that this was the source of the lawsuit, since it's very difficult to construct a mahogany-top guitar with good tonal balance. Both my mahogany taks are superb-sounding.

Takamine F-349 (Martin D-17, lawsuit model)

However, i don't think Takamine makes mahogany-topped guitars anymore. It would be interesting to know more about the lawsuit.

I need your 12 string man! Hi there guys, I am looking for one of these and will pay top dollar for one! My uncle had one of these 12 strings for years and he still does and the sound that he could get from this thing on Gordon Lightfoot stuff was unbeatable unfortunately the guitar itself wasn't and the crap has literally been beat out of it over many years.Takamine guitars are Japanese-produced guitars of mid-level quality and affordable prices.

Rather than model names, Takamine guitars are given numbers for identification. Finding and identifying these numbers can help you determine the model of your Takamine guitar, as well as important information regarding the date your guitar was created. Find well-lit area where you will be able to see inside the body of your Takamine. You will look through the soundhole beneath the strings.

There should be an ink-stamped label with information regarding your guitar.

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Identify the top set of numbers inked on the label inside your guitar. You will see an eight digit number located here. The first two digits indicate the year your guitar was made, the second two digits represent the month, the third set of digits represent the day, and the last two digits indicates which number your guitar was manufactured as on that particular day. This information can be helpful in determining the model of your guitar if the model number is unclear.

Look immediately following, or just below the information regarding manufacture date of your instrument, and you will see the model number.

Takamine EF360SC TT Demo by Linda Taylor

Takamine guitars have only numbers to indicate model. These model numbers usually consist of five digits, followed by a hyphen, and ending with another letter. The five digits preceding the hyphen may be a combination of letters or numbers. An LH in the model number indicates a left-handed model guitar. Visit the offical Takamine website for PDF catalogs that include pictures and model numbers as well as manufacturing information about Takamine guitars.

By: Carl Hose Updated September 15, Share It. About the Author.Takamine Co. Takamine is known for its steel-string acoustic guitars. The company was founded in May ; in they were one of the first companies to introduce acoustic-electric models, where they pioneered the design of the preamplifier-equalizer component. While primarily known for acoustic and acoustic-electric guitarsTakamine produced a limited run of high quality solid body electric guitars in the early to mid s.

On top is a TK pickup with a tuner and equalizer powered by a 9V battery. In the early s, Martin Guitars issued a letter asserting that the Takamine F and other models featured a logo design that was allegedly nearly identical to their own. Every year sinceTakamine has produced a Limited Edition Guitar model, limited to a few hundred guitars for worldwide distribution.

takamine f series

These guitars have come with the company's latest pickup-preamplifier combination and decorative inlays, often with motifs based on nature or astronomical phenomena. The latter had a built in pickup and EQ. Both guitars are identical in construction featuring fine grained cedar top and cypress back and sides.

Takamine manufactured its highest quality and most expensive guitars at its Sakashita factory in Japan. It's unknown if all Takamine guitars are made in Japan. It's unlikely, and this article appears to not address that issue. Word to the wise, spend an extra 30 minutes triple checking the origin of your intended purchase, because just like every manufacturer, Takamine is likely going to slip in supply from other countries.

Takamine serial numbers

Particularly China. While there is nothing wrong with Chinese guitars, people who buy Takamine are expecting a Japanese built, premium guitar, and obviously this cannot be the case in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Redirected from Takamine Guitars. Native name. Nakatsugawa, Gifu. Acousticclassical guitars Acoustic bass guitars Preamplifiers Pickups Transducers. Retrieved 18 October ESP Guitars. Retrieved 22 July Guitar brands and manufacturers. Antoria Aria B. Gibson Martin. Categories : Companies based in Gifu Prefecture Manufacturing companies established in Musical instrument manufacturing companies of Japan Guitar manufacturing companies Japanese brands establishments in Japan.

Hidden categories: Use dmy dates from January Articles containing Japanese-language text All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from July Articles with unsourced statements from October Articles with unsourced statements from January All articles with incomplete citations Articles with incomplete citations from July All pages needing factual verification Wikipedia articles needing factual verification from July Namespaces Article Talk.Thankfully Takamine serial numbers are a little more straight forward than some other guitar companies.

This article will look at what your Takamine serial number can tell you about your guitar and how to decode that number. It also tells you which number guitar produced your guitar was, during the particular month — i. This might give you some clue as to the day in the month it was made but not an accurate one — for example, if your guitar was the 5 th built that month, then it was likely to be on one of the first days of the month.

Takamine serial numbers are typically found on the neck block where the neck joins the body on the inside of the body of the guitar. Now we come the important part — decoding the serial number.

Thankfully this is fairly straight forward when it comes to Takamine, though there are, as usual, a few extras.

There are a couple of different serial number systems depending on which model and depending on where they were made and distributed. From our example serial number we can see that this guitar would have been built in 08in April 04 and it was the st guitar built that month. Said another way, this was the st Pro Series guitar that Takamine built in April of However, this system is only relevant for up to the end of — after that they adopted a new system see overseas models below.

I might have lied, just a little. The G series is the exception. There is no discernable system for G Series models. No decoding going on here, unfortunately. Any models that were distributed in Japan, as opposed to internationally, used a slightly different serial number system.

Towards the end of models distributed overseas started to use the same serial number system as those that are distributed in Japan. So, if your Takamine was built after you might see something like this: If you have a G Series guitar, you might want to contact Takamine to see what they can tell you about the guitar.

Otherwise, you should be able to decipher the year, month and the sequence in that month that your guitar was built. With the G series you basically have to guess the year, as to where it was made. G, approx years old, made in Taiwan. Pictures would help but that serial number may be from a refurbished guitar.

Is it possible it starts with an 81 rather than S1? That would make it a Were these Chinese made guitars and what is the view of this guitar relative to sound quality. Very nice. The serial number is CC The label says Japan, but does that serial number tell me anything? Thank you. I just acquired a GSS and none of pertains to my Guitar?? It says made in Bloomfield CT. Can you help in any way to figure out just what I have???

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