Cofunction identities worksheet


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cofunction identities worksheet

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Trigonometric Activity Cofunctions Paper Chain.

cofunction identities worksheet

Trigonometric Functions: Cosecant, Secant and Cotangent Paper Chain Activity is an engaging way to practice and review for students new to cosecant, secant and cotangent.

Students solve one link which leads to the answer on the next link. My students LOVE this activity. This is appropriate for stud. MathPreCalculusAlgebra 2. ActivitiesTest PrepMath Centers.

Add to cart. Wish List. Set of 8 task cards allows for students to practice applying sine and cosine of complementary angles. Answer sheet is included to make an easy formative assessment. Follow me for updates:WebsiteYouTubeInstagram. MathGeometryTrigonometry.Cos, cot, and cosec are cofunctions of sin, tan and sec, hence they are prefixed with "co". Highlighted here is the relationship between the basic trig functions whose arguments together make complementary angles.

Learn the cofunction identities in degrees as well as radians from the trigonometric identities chart and practice exercises like solving and evaluating trigonometric functions. These printable handouts are designed for high school students. Grab a few worksheets for free! Cofunction Identities.

Equivalent trigonometric function using cofunction identities. Solve using cofunction identities Degrees. Specifically dealing with degrees, these printable worksheets encompass exercises to determine the value of 'x' by solving the trigonometric expression applying the cofunction identity. Solve using Cofunction Identities Radians. Use the complementary angle theorem to solve the trigonometric equations with the angle measures in radians in this set of high school pdf worksheets.

Reiterate cofunction identities and apply them to evaluate trigonometric expressions involving a mix of degrees and radians. Members have exclusive facilities to download an individual worksheet, or an entire level. Login Become a Member. Download the set 3 Worksheets. Solve using cofunction identities Degrees Specifically dealing with degrees, these printable worksheets encompass exercises to determine the value of 'x' by solving the trigonometric expression applying the cofunction identity.

Solve using Cofunction Identities Radians Use the complementary angle theorem to solve the trigonometric equations with the angle measures in radians in this set of high school pdf worksheets. Evaluate Reiterate cofunction identities and apply them to evaluate trigonometric expressions involving a mix of degrees and radians. What's New?

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Follow us. Not a Member?I ask students to spend a couple minutes discussing the identity in their groups. I expect the students to determine how each line of the proof was generated. I continue questioning the class about the steps.

As the students explain their observations I write their reasons beside the step on the board see page 2 of bell cofunction. After analyzing the process I ask "Was the process easy to follow? Why or Why not? This worksheet has students find the trigonometric values of complementary angles and then determine which function values are equal.

I remind students to have their calculators in degree mode for this activity. I used degrees in the activity because students will have an easier time noticing that the angles in the tables are complementary.

As students work I move around and answer questions. The main question I expect is, "How do I input cotangent, secant and cosecant into my calculator?

After students have worked for 10 minutes, we go over the Questions On Question 3, I ask the students to focus on the first table. We will work together to write down all the function values that are equivalent.

Usually, my students see the pattern. I ask, "If I know the value of sin 75 what else will I know? I then discuss why the functions cosine, cotangent and cosecant have these names. I say something to the effect that the sin theta has the same value as the cosine of the complement of theta. I write this statement on the board so students can think about the statement.

We then write a similar statement for tangent and secant. I know that some students are still a little confused and I need to develop a method for writing the complement of an angle. I draw a right triangle on the board and have the students determine sin A and cos B.

This helps students see that the ratios are equivalent.

Trigonometric Cofunction

I ask, "What do you know about angle A and angle B? I expect them to use one of two different ideas to explain their choice. Some will say all the angles add to degrees and angle C is 90 so angle A and angle B add to Others remember that the acute angles of a right triangle are complementary. I then ask "how can you compute the complement of an angle?

We also write the expression in terms of angle B to make sure students see both equations. In work related applications, it is often necessary to work with real number values instead of degrees as angle measurements. This is a good point to remind students that we have 2 ways to measure angles, degrees and radians.Test and Worksheet Generators for Math Teachers.

All worksheets created with Infinite Precalculus. Stop searching. Create the worksheets you need with Infinite Precalculus. Functions Continuity Extrema, intervals of increase and decrease Power functions Average rates of change Transformations of graphs Piecewise functions Operations Inverses.

cofunction identities worksheet

Exponential and Logarithmic Expressions Graphing exponential functions Exponential equations not requiring logarithms Exponents and logarithms Evaluating logarithms Logarithms and exponents as inverses Properties of logarithms Writing logs in terms of others Exponential equations requiring logarithms Logarithmic equations, simple Logarithmic equations, hard Graphing logarithmic functions Compound interest. Parametric Equations Parametric equations Projectile motion. Vectors Vector basics Vector operations Dot products.

Probability Independent and dependent events Mutually exclusive events Probability with combinatorics Probability with combinatorics - binomial.

Introduction to Calculus Limits by direct evaluation Limits at kinks and jumps Limits at removable discontinuities Limits at essential discontinuities Limits at infinity Definition of the derivative Instantaneous rates of change Power rule for differentiation Motion along a line Approximating area under a curve Area under a curve by limit of sums Indefinite integrals.

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Polar Coordinates Polar coordinates Graphs of polar equations Polar and rectangular forms of equations Polar forms of conic section Complex numbers and polar form. Matrices and Systems Matrix operations Matrix inverses and determinants Matrix equations Cramer's Rule Multivariable linear systems and row operations Partial fraction decomposition. Sequences and Series General sequences and series Arithmetic sequences and series Geometric sequences and series Power series.

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cofunction identities worksheet

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