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Homebrew 1KW Wet Dummy Load Build a wet dummy load using a 1 gallon paint can, at eham forum W Dummy Load This was a project to make a dummy load or, as the finished thing is more correctly labelled, a fifty ohm resistive load. A 25 Watt Dummy Load Dummy load described here can be used for up to 35 watts for short transmissions, and up to 25 watts for longer periods.

Dummy Load Links W Dummy Load - This was a project to make a dummy load or, as the finished thing is more correctly labelled, a fifty ohm resistive load. This will to your radio be the perfect antenna It is housed in a tin and part filled with dry sand that helps in power dissipation [ Hits: Votes: 0 Rating: 0 ] Homebrew 1KW Wet Dummy Load - Build a wet dummy load using a 1 gallon paint can, at eham forum [ Hits: Votes: 9 Rating: 6.

Build one. Ham Radio operators review new sites every day sincefor potential inclusion in the Directory, and to evaluate the best place to list them.

RF Loads for the Broadcast Industry

Dummy Load Home brew dummy loads. Operating Modes Operating Aids. CB Radio Antique Radio. Home : Technical Reference : Dummy Loads. Search only in "Dummy Load". Add a new link. The DXZone is the largest human created and maintained library of web sites dedicated to Amateur Radio, currently lists Add our Daily Top 10 links gadgets to your site.Wattmeter for MHz range watts at 52 ohm input.

Has non-linear scales W 2. Bird Thruline Wattmeter Model 43 in good condition. Very very nice leather case. HP Wattmeter Missing A8 power reference oscillator assembly and power reference output assembly. Otherwise is complete except for the thermistor mount. L2B Used good condition. Bird Coupler This is the internal part of the Bird 43 directional wattmeter. Has been removed from unused equipment and includes a coax cable with a bnc connector that would connect to a meter.

We do not have a suitable meter. Also included is a dummy slug to protect the coaxial line. Has a 7. We ran it at 50watts for 5 minutes and it got very hot. Should work fine at 10 to 20 watts for a longer period of time. Strip Line 50 ohm 20 watt Termination Dummy Load. Used checked for operation, not calibrated. Flanged on back for wall mount. Bridge type Use for replacement on experiments. R1Yw Unused. I9I Unused. Output indicated on 3. Max-insertion VSWR 1.

Power selectable on each coupler.Check back often. Wattmeters, elements, dummy loads, line sections, attenuators, QC connectors, coaxial terminations E-mail your needs.

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Available element power: 50, watts. Note: D is not made Available element power: 5, 10, 25, 50,watts. Click pic for larger view. Tests VSWR, match efficiency, return loss, field strength, etc. THE industry standard! Power switch ranges, 1. No elements needed! Dual power range. Has built in range of milliwatts.

Frequency MHz A really great bench or field use 50 ohm terminated meter, excellent. Absolutely beautiful! You can customize the foam to fit elements, dummy loads, etc. Internal size is 8. Rated at 0. Thi s sensor is to be used with the Bird model Precision RF power meter. I t connects remote of the and is connected via a cable to the digital meter. Thi s sensor is used with the Bird model Precision RF power meter.

Rated at 3 Watt s to 1000 0 Watts, 1. Rated at 3 Watt s to 1000 0 Watts. Size: 8. About 18" long. Perfect for connecting your RF source to the wattmeter or the wattmeter to your load.Bird Introduces New 0.

Up to 40 GHz Frequency Coverage.

1000W, RF Terminations

Total reliability is more than possible. Bird has been the industry standard in radio frequency product reliability for over 75 years. The criticality and definition of "reliability" can range from accuracy and precision to longevity and clarity. The more critical the mission, the more Bird is the critical choice. Our devotion to reliability and our expertise about your needs assures that "You're heard, loud and clear. Bird is recognized as the expert in RF communications, measurement and management providing innovative RF products, systems, services and educational solutions to the wireless industry.

If you have any questions on RF communications or have any RF-related needs, our skilled Customer Service Representatives are always ready to assist you. Sales Information. All the information you need to make doing business with Bird simple and smooth. Interact via email with our technical support team.

Brochures, manuals, white papers, and the famous RF calculator, all at your fingertips. Dimensional drawings and 3D models for select Bird products. Conflict Minerals Policy. Details of our systems and processes to achieve a conflict-free supply chain. All Rights Reserved Aurora Rd. Universities Wireless, Cellular, Telecom. Off Air Testing. Test and Measurement.

Bird Ultra Stable Loads.

How to Calibrate a Bird SiteHawk

Bird Channel Power Monitor Family. Bird Diagnostic System. Sales Information All the information you need to make doing business with Bird simple and smooth. Conflict Minerals Policy Details of our systems and processes to achieve a conflict-free supply chain. Shop Online. Contact Us.Note: All the details, instructions, software, and extra pictures can be downloaded from this link.

I love to home brew and repair equipment but my bench lacked a dedicated dummy load.

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After dismantling my station more than several times to borrow a dummy load I decided it was time to dedicate one to the bench. I noticed many of these schematics contained a simple BAV21 diode detector to read a relative voltage and calculate the power being sent into the load. We know from Ohms law that we can calculate power by converting the peak voltage across our load to RMS then squaring RMS voltage and dividing by the resistance. Not wanting to look up a table of values or do a math calculation every time made me curious if a micro-controller could give me an easy to read approximation to the power output.

During testing I ran across several problems with the diode detector. One was the diode was easily destroyed by accidental shorting to ground which will cause a high SWR! With that I noticed large amount of errors in voltage above 15M 21MHz. Lastly I did not want to play with plus volts coming out of the load. Between these problems I decided to use an RF probe method to detect the peak RF voltage and incorporate the voltage divider as shown in the schematic below. I chose 3 1N diodes in series to handle the peak reverse voltage while allowing higher frequencies.

The values of R1 and R2 were chosen to allow up to W or Vpeak of RF input while keeping the output voltage below the maximum 5V our micro-controller can handle. The parts can be laid out on a piece of proto board. A high SWR indicates something is incorrect like a bad diode or miss-wiring. Optionally you can also use an oscilloscope to measure the RF voltage at the Dummy Load not shown, also dangerous voltages are present!

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For example using W at 7. Using your highest power W maxmake sure the voltage does not exceed 5Vdc or is negative. Notice there are some variations between the expected and measured readings which grow at higher power and bands. Much if this is caused by the diode voltage drops and tolerances of our divider resistors.

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Fortunately we can correct most of this easily in software. Now that we have a Vdc signal we can interface it to our micro-controller board. I settled on using an Arduino micro-controller board and LCD keypad shield to keep things simple and allow new people a chance to experiment with micro-controllers.

Since there is only a Zener protection diode and RCA connector needed we can just wire those onto the shield module to analog port A1 and ground. Optionally, an audible tuning tool can be added by connecting a piezo buzzer and switch to digital pin 2 which produces a tone proportional to the voltage being read. This can also be substituted with a regular speaker and ohm resistor in series.

I have also kept the software a minimal design to help beginners get started in programming. Note: the download package contains software with greater functionality.

We also set up our serial port as well as tell our controller any calibration needed and the resistor divider ratio we used from the adapter board. The main loop of the program collects a few average samples of voltage from our load and calculates the voltage read into Watts. After calculating we write the value to the LCD display and serial port, produce a tone for the speaker, and finally wait half a second and start over. A great step by step tutorial can be found on the Arduino web site.

Once the software is loaded and USB cable plugged in to our Arduino we can enter our program into the editor.

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Pressing the check box button will make sure everything is correct. Pressing the upload button will send the program to the controller board and if successful will begin displaying our power readings. The cost of the whole project was about the same as purchasing a dummy load and there is a digital display as a bonus. Since building the dummy load and watt meter I have slightly modified it for 2M operation.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Not finding what you are searching for. Try a partial part number. CDN Coaxial dynamics, dummy load watt type-n female.

Dummy Loads & Wattmeters

CDN Coaxial dynamics, dummy load, watt type-n female. Normal delivery is weeks ARO. Hours of Operation Monday - Friday - pst. Of course, PayPal payments are accepted. Advanced Search Search GO. Above Watts. Sort By Position Name Price. QC-N connector for lower-power testing.

bird rf loads

Items 1 to 10 of 29 total Page: 1 2 3. Shop By. Product Categories. Anderson Power Pole. Antennas and Related Products. Cases, Chassis, Enclosures. Circuit Boards. Circuit Breakers. Coax Seal. Coax Wrap. Cable Assemblies. Connectors - Binding Post. Connectors - High Voltage. Connectors - Jones Style. Connectors - Unidapt. Connectors - RF Coaxial. Dummy Loads. Ferrite Cores. Galaxy Radio Service Parts.Main Shop. Base Station Antenna - Dipole.

Base Station Antenna - Fiberglass. Bird High Frequency Elements. Click for larger image. Type N F input connector. Oil-assisted vented convection cooling for safe, continuous operation to 2. Simple but rugged design minimizes maintenance requirements. Impedance: 50 ohms nominal Load Coolant: 2. It provides accurate, dependable, and practically non-reflective termination for testing and adjusting transmitters under non-radiating conditions.

The load consists essentially of a cylindrical film type resistor immersed in a dielectric coolant. The resistor, individually selected for its accuracy, is enclosed in a special tapered housing which provides a linear reduction in surge impedance directly proportional to the distance along the resistor. This produces the uniform, practically reflectionless line termination from dc to 2.

Bird Specifications and Manual Price:. Blower Options.

bird rf loads

SWR is less than 1. Pulled from service, still in like new condition, 90 day warranty. Shipped with LC connector installed.

bird rf loads

Compatible with all Bird QC connectors. Type N female input connector. Used in new condition. Oil-assisted vented convection cooling for safe, continuous operation up to W full rated power. It provides accurate, dependable, and practically nonreflective termination for testing and adjusting transmitters under nonradiating conditions.

This produces the uniform, practically reflectionless line termination from dc to 2 GHz. Load Coolant: 1. Type N male coaxial connector. Oil-assisted convection cooling for safe, continuous operation up to W full rated power. Low-profile housing with handle and rubber feet for trouble-free operation in the most demanding environments. To meet full continuous specifications for the Bird order the Bird with an LC connector installed. See options below. The Bird N is supplied with an N F connector.

Quick Change QC connectors to minimize the need for adaptors when making critical measurements. Select New or Used below.

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